Hong Kong Materials (Asia) Ltd can supply whole rolls 3M-Dinoc, 3M Fasara and 3M Window films at discount prices. We can also supply the materials at your own dimension and requirement.
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What is Sun Control Window Film?
Sun Control Window Film is a piece of polyester with metallic coating that reflects solar radiation. Metals commonly used as coating are titanium, silver, bronze, nickels, etc. The effectiveness of a window film in heat rejection is reflected in its Shading Coefficent (SC). The lower the SC value, the more the effective the solar heat rejection.

In the new generation of Sun Control window, no metallic coating is required in the polyester sheets. By using multi-layer optical film technology, films can provide more or less same heat rejection but with much higher visibility (high VLT)

How does Sun Control window work?

- reduce up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
- reduce up to 97% of the infrared rays which is the main energy source that makes you feel hot
- reduce excessive heat gain through your windows
- provide increased comfort and energy savings

How to choose Sun Control Window Film?
Solar control window films will however reduce the amount of visible light that can entre a building through its windows. The Visible Light Transmittance(Tv) of a window provides information on the percentage of visible light that can be transmitted through it. The higher the Tv, the better the light transmission. The ideal product should have a high Tv and a low Shading Coefficient but is is also more expensive. Thus a balance between the solar heat control capability and visible light transmission and property should be obtained.